Sandi Petrie
I am an artist that works across a wide variety of mediums, spanning from drawing and painting, to soft sculpture, songwriting, music and performance, banjo, and beyond. My work deals primarily with themes of homelessness, isolation, and love and loss in contemporary Western society. We live in a society that encourages its participants to disconnect from one another, to disengage from meaningful communities, and to disregard the dire state of the planet. Through my practice I aim to create vulnerable work that leaves me emotionally and psychologically exposed to my audience. Through the practice of sharing my private experiences and perspectives I aim to inspire empathy by reminding the viewer that s/he is not alone. The human population grows at increasingly more rapid rates, and as we do so we lose the ability to care for and understand our fellow man. We escape into a comfortable digital platform that was fabricated for us. We don't have to pay attention, we don't have to feel fear, and we don't have to connect. My artwork aims to challenge these detrimental normalized notions in society by shaking the viewer out of complacency while also providing a space for empathy and connectedness.